You Pizza
   Simple Food Made Exactly The Right Way!
   Gino Palma, Owner of Facci Maple Lawn and Turf Valley has brought another vision to life! Born and raised in Italy he wanted to share his experience of Napoli and savory food to your taste buds.
   You Pizza was born in Clarksville, Maryland 2017. You Pizza is grounded tradition yet inspired by uniqueness and partnered with local farms.  It's where high quality, convenience, and authenticity meet to create a gourmet Italian fast spontaneous experience.  This is where tradition is honored and our fresh local farm ingredients are respected.  You Pizza is the foundation of our offering, along with salads, all in a fast, made fresh to order experience.
   Whether dining in or taking out, we welcome our guests to stop by and view our kitchen and enjoy the highest quality of delicious food at an honest price.
   Buon Appetito!